A imaginative and funny stage play that empowers audiences to laugh at hard life memories while self-reflecting and healing by faith in Christ!


Nesha Wonderland shares her relatable & uplifting heartfelt biographical testimony through multimedia theatrics; showcasing her own recovery in the aftermath of her father’s murder to reveal the hardships unique to children in America who have lost a parent to violence. Healing: After The Tragedy is a unique and witty stage play including powerfully compelling acting performance, captivating costumes, and relatable characters of different ages. With award winning Director Jessica Lynn Johnson, Nesha illustrates a immersive journey of overcoming trauma.

Healing After the Tragedy takes on a haunting topic such as "trauma" with a artistic & comedic approach!

"Nesha is a gifted storyteller. She plays each part of herself with a grace and simplicity that connects to her audience with immediacy and depth. As she travels through her life the characters grow, the layers of herself cleverly building into the women she has become. 

She has found a really beautiful way to tell her own story. So often one person shows can feel too long, or overly dramatic, but “Healing: After The Tragedy” is just about perfect. It strikes a wonderful balance between the difficulties and the triumphs. The lightness of Nesha’s heart is inspiring and infectious and her story significant and soulfully told." - NOHO ARTS DISTRICT REVIEW


"I was amazed at the creativity and professionalism of this solo act performance by Nesha. Time flew by as I was totally engaged in her life story: playful, intrigued, emotional and finally the victory lap. Did not want it to end as Nesha made all the characters come to life. The statics in the video background and family pictures were perfect for her story. Can not wait to see what the future holds for this young yet mature performer, it is a MUST see!" - Phyllis Williams


Recorded Live @ The Ruby - Complex Theatre Hollywood



"The lovely Nesha Wonderland is a wonderful actress! Her performance was terrific…honest, charismatic, and compelling! Her emotions are powerful and penetrating. She is so interesting and fun to watch, I couldn’t take my eyes off of her! Her story and struggles are touching and inspiring! Though she never met her father, who was murdered before her birth, this tragedy, she reveals, provided the soil that nourished her individual journey of growth – even though it was painful and difficult. A fantastic show!" - RICHARD GRAVES (2018 Hollywood Fringe Festival Audience member)

"It was a very poignant story of a young lady and her life after losing her father." - MAAT ATKINS (Executive Producer/Performer 2018 Hollywood Fringe Festival Audience member)

Such an uplifting and heartfelt story. Nesha brings it with heart, humor and an ability to draw you in. You will never forget the story! One that should be shared over and over for an example of pure grit and resilience." - ELLA TURENNE (AWARD WINNING PERFORMER/TEACHER 2018 Hollywood Fringe Festival Audience member)

Although her story is her own, every aspect is relatable to everyone. Rise above.

The images on the screen in between left time to reflect on the previous scene. Nesha seamlessly flows between different characters, at times sad, at times humorous, at times bittersweet – but overall uplifting and hopeful. Nesha is the bomb." - KATE SEGNALLA (2018 Hollywood Fringe Festival Audience member)

Nesha is a natural, authentic actress. It never feels like she’s “putting on” characters – she just becomes them, to the point where we really feel we know them. Nesha’s honest and agile performance brought the people she’s known to life beautifully in this touching story of finding yourself after a loss." - SAM SHABER (BBC Award winning writer/performer 2018 Hollywood Fringe Festival Audience member)

I liked all of it. I thought it was very inspiring, well directed, and well acted. She was captivating, and drew me right into her story." - MINDY FRADKIN (Writer/Performer 2018 Hollywood Fringe Festival Audience member)

Funny, charming and full of hope and inspiration. I also liked the set and how transitions were handled from scene to scene.A thoughtful, reflective show that stars a charismatic and talented actor with a wonderful message and inspiring story."

MATTHEW ROBINSON (Executive Producer/Director 2018 Hollywood Fringe Festival Audience member)

Nesha Wonderland, Nailed it!
Healing After Tragedy was a heartfelt performance . This story tell people no matter what type of hand your dealt in life you can win. Nesha is living proof. She perform 4 different Era of her life. Her tragedy begin while still in her mother womb. Her father was murder, and never got an opportunity to meet him. She also ran in to relationship issue, drinking issue . I like the apron she wore with the Solo cups." LYDIA ANDERSON (2018 Hollywood Fringe Festival Audience member)

Healing After the Tragedy is a must see play. I guarantee you will see parts of your life story in this play. It captures the true definition of being victorious and overcoming lifes tragedies. This one woman show was phenomenal and captured every bit of the audiences attention. I hope this play reaches the masses, as Nesha spreads healing through theatre arts around the world. Blessings" - SHELLIE SLACK (Author/Teacher 2018 Hollywood Fringe Festival Audience member)

I loved her ability to express and perform multi characters. Nesha made us laugh, cry and feel inspired. Nesha Wonderland is a superb actress. I felt the emotions she expresses to the bone. This one woman show left me with goose bumps and wanting more. Wow just WOW!!!!!" - DEBORAH WASHINGTON (Advertisement Executive 2018 Hollywood Fringe Festival Audience member)

A solid solo show that not only sheds light on the shocking statistics of what happens to kids after they lose a parent in a tragedy, but also shows what it takes to overcome it and that’s its possible to beat the odds. Nesha Wonderland is a powerful presence with a wide range, playing multiple characters (and ages) with passion and conviction. If you like solo shows, this one’s for you!" -

JIM MARTYKA (Publicist 2018 Hollywood Fringe Festival Audience member)

A powerful debut from Nesha about pain, self-discovery, and love. Her story is unique and her one-woman performance lends itself to the intimacy of this autobiographical piece. Emotional at times and humorous at others, Nesha’s personal touch makes her message a relatable and inspiring one. You’ll leave with a smile on your face and refreshed spirit; don’t miss out on this worthwhile experience!" - SHAINDI S (College Student / 2018 Hollywood Fringe Festival Audience member)

I liked the way the story was told, I liked how Nesha dives into different periods of her life. Many of us can relate to toxic relationships, some of us to loosing a parent as well. Sadly, not everyone comes back from it so it’s really moving and great to see Nesha’s rebirth towards the end of the play!" - KATT BALSAN (WRITER/ AWARD NOMINATED PERFORMER 2018 Hollywood Fringe Festival Audience member)